Why Happy Trails
Why Happy Trails
Why Happy Trails
Why Happy Trails
Why Happy Trails
Why Happy Trails

Why choose Happy Trails Indonesia

In short because we offer the best service, quality, and knowledge:



IT systems

We are highly focused on IT systems. This might not sound unique for Europe but it definitely is for Indonesian companies. We are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and thus speed using several systems. One example is a website login that we have developed for our FIT clients. After logging in you can check the booking status of your dossiers 24/7, download vouchers and invoices and much more. But the most important part is a online price catalog. Here can find all our prices per product (hotel, meals, transport, activities) from all the island we operate on. Using this system it is very easy to calculate your own quotation. We provide a manual and some sample tours, containing break down prices per item, and you can start changing and rearranging according to the clients whishes. Off course Happy Trails is still available for advice and assistance but you can answer the clients very quickly which can make all the difference.


Health & Safety

We are very focused on Health and Safety. Among other things this means that we are gathering info on all our suppliers checking if they are officially registered, have the correct licenses and check what their health and safety procedures are. This can mean anything from fire safety to hygiene standards in the hotel rooms. The end goal is to have an overview of all our suppliers see who we can safely use and who we cannot.


Quality Management

The Quality management refers to rules and regulations we have set in place internally to make sure we get the best quality for all the tours and also that the quality is consistent throughout. Part of this is also that we have a liability insurance up to 2 million US dollars per traveller which is rather unique for a DMC in Indonesia as well.



Because we have been organizing tours and stays for over 60 tour operators for 10 years now we have acquired a lot of experience in not only operating tours but also in knowledge of the products and services available in Indonesia. Building a good relationship with our suppliers is key in this as well. This will have a positive effect on the quality and flexibility, having the suppliers going that extra stretch for us when needed. A good relationship with our suppliers also results in good rates.



In our office in Indonesia we have about 30 staff of which 95% is local Indonesian. All our staff goes on regular inspections to keep up to date about (new) hotels and activities. This knowledge they can then use to give advice and create the best tours. We also have a Product Development team that develops new tours, excursion and activities which will then be pro-actively offered to you. This team is headed by a Dutch national that has been a tour leader for many years so she knows every small corner of the country. Two other foreigners in the office are the Dutch CEO and Marketing & Sales Manager who, together with a Indonesia Operational manager with over 30 years of experience, make sure Happy Trails is a professionally run company that understands the whishes and needs of European tourism companies. So we can definitely say Happy Trails has knowledge by experience.



Our service to you:

  • Account Manager: Specially appointed to pro-actively handle your correspondence in order to ensure you get the professional and personal service that you are looking for.
  • Fast response: an answer and/or quotation within 2 working days.
  • Swift Confirmation: our goal is to confirm a booking within 5 workings days.
  • Clear and complete quotations
  • Online price catalogue
  • Being able to check the status of a booking 24/7
  • We always tailor-make a program to your specific wishes.
  • We are always looking for new products and services and will pro-actively inform you about them through our social media, newsletter, website and e-mail.
  • Providing you with extensive general information about Indonesia and its islands


Our service to your clients:

  • Well trained Tour leaders available for different languages
  • Meet & greet on the airport (which we will launch in 2013)
  • Clear and complete vouchers and welcome packages
  • Available 24/7 in case of urgent questions, emergency or complaints
  • On the spot flexibility during the tour